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August: Lamb – 1, Fox – 0

This month we have a guest blogger (read: I strong-armed Child No. 3 into writing a paragraph for me). Round of applause, please.

“We were checking the sheep since they had begun lambing and happened to see three pairs of eyes in the back paddock.  Two pairs were the ewe’s and her lamb’s eyes, and across from them in the Brisbane Ranges were another pair of eyes.  They were the fox’s.  He crept through the fence towards the ewe and her lamb.  The ewe ran at the fox and attempted to headbutt it.  The fox quickly ran back through the fence and stopped to watch the ewe.  Dad then fired the gun and killed the fox.  The ewe only jumped slightly at the sound of the gun.  She walked back to her lamb still keeping an eye on the dead fox.  We walked over to the fox and she continued to watch it.  We walked away and she must have known the fox was dead because she stopped watching it.  Later we saw that the other sheep had ran away at the sound of the gun but surprisingly that ewe hadn’t.”

Thanks, Chloe!

This story shows the fantastic mothering ability of Wiltshire Horn sheep.  They are extremely protective mothers who are willing to go after a fox if they have to.

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  1. Great job Chloe! Very well written. 🙂 xo

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