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It’s just too hot, man…

Summer is the time of year where we retreat to the shade and wait out the hot weather. Come to think of it, that’s what our sheep do too.

We have spent February doing our jobs either early in the day or late after tea.  The lack of rainfall means that the feed on offer is getting dry and low.  We have kept the lambs and the ewes supplemented with both hay and pellets so they don’t lose condition.  Joining time is coming up again so we don’t want our ewes to lose condition.  The health of the ewe is directly related to how many lambs she’ll produce, which is fairly common-sense when you think of it.  Since we want to produce lots of lambs each year (that is how we make our money after all), then we try to ensure our ewes are in top condition at joining time.

Our ewes and rams recovered nicely from their Scabby Mouth.  The lambs got it mildly, but most were unmarked.  They did go off their feed for a week or so, and drank more water than usual, but are now back to their sheepy selves.

PS The sheep in the photo was perfectly fine.  She was just tired from being chased around and finally caught.  We decided to have a bit of fun with sunglasses to get revenge for exhausting us!

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