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March 2017

Here we are, pretty much back where we started with the blog posts – the rams have been put in with the ewes to produce more lambs.  Last year’s lambs are fattening up nicely with half of our wethers already gone.  With the extra demand (see below), it looks like it’ll be a short season this year.

Our biggest news for this month is that we have found a butcher who will take most of our meat.  This takes a lot of stress out of direct-marketing for us, as he will take the bulk of the lamb.  The butcher is Meatsmith, situated in Fitzroy, Melbourne.  He is a specialty butcher specializing in exotic meats, hence his interest in our Wiltshire Horn meat.

Linners Lamb is now on Facebook!  Check out our very basic page (at the moment while I get my head around it) here.  We would love it if you could ‘like’ us or even leave a review for us.  Apparently that bumps us up on people’s newsfeeds or something like that…still not up to speed on the Facebook lingo.  Share some photos or recipes of how you’ve enjoyed Linners Lamb!  (By the way, we’re planning on getting some cooked meat photos, but it disappears so fast with our hungry horde that the only shot we get is the empty plate! :-))

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