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May 2016

Our big event for May was burning off the native Silver Tussock in one of our paddocks.  We began by walking the fences with a brush cutter and cutting out the tussocks growing close to the fence.  This was to create a fire-break so our fences wouldn’t be damaged.  The tussock was super-easy to light and scary to watch the fire leap from plant to plant.  However we managed to contain it to the areas we wanted burnt, although it did get through the fence in one spot.  The amazing thing about the Silver Tussock is how it takes off again.  Within 3 weeks of burning we were able to put the ewes back onto the green shoots coming up.

2015 Lamb ewes enjoying the burnt Silver Tussock

On a more personal note, a nasty accident has left Justin with a broken leg.  He was climbing around the farm shed in the dark and fell onto concrete breaking his hip.  Now he’s hobbling around on crutches and feeling completely useless – he’s not, of course; he’s just not used to sitting still or ‘taking it easy’ which he has to do for the next 6 to 8 weeks.  The doctors say he should fully recover within 3 months or so.  We are just grateful that he didn’t fall on his head!

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