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Spring has sprung!  And it has done it with gusto this year!  After the absolute failures of the last two springs, we are very excited to see rain falling and green, lush grass growing everywhere.  Of course, the problem now is that we don’t have enough sheep to eat it all! Our lambs are growing superbly on this beautiful feed and we have postponed weaning as the ewes are maintaining condition nicely too.

Justin & I have been participating in a Farm Planning Course over this month.  It is good to step back from our farm business and work out where we are heading, both with short-term plans and long-term dreams.  It is also important to look at our current practices and see whether they fit in with our goals.

On another note, everyone’s got hay fever around here.  Well, in our district, it’s a fever for making hay and we’re not immune to it.  I think that after the last two years, everyone is scared of running out of hay again and having to pay a premium price to get some. We have allowed our river flats to grow after lambing on them and now they’re ready to cut.

This spring-fed waterhole was all the water we had left on the farm last autumn. From this to…
THIS! The same waterhole is on the right side of this photo.
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