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Road Trip

Thanks to everybody’s favourite site, Gumtree, we purchased some stockyards at a fraction of the price of brand new ones.  Such an awesome buy meant that there had to be a catch.  Yes, they were in NSW.  A road trip was necessary – but still worth it.  So we hired a car trailer, borrowed a neighbour’s car trailer, hitched them to the two Landcruisers and headed off up the Hume.

First lunch stop and first issue: trailer brake line was broken and dragging on the highway!!
Good ol’ duct tape!
It was a clear and (very) cold night on our first night staying in the Namadgi National Park.
Breakfast was the first job of the day.
The well-setup camping areas at Orroral Campground.
Trailer brake repairs were the second job of the day.
Orroral Campsite in the Namadgi National Park – complete with flush toilets and BBQ shelter.
Small river crossing on the way to pick up the yards.
Crossing the Murrumbidgee River at Angle Crossing.
The mighty Murrumbidgee
The 11MW solar farm at Williamsdale.
Finally! The yards in a stack in the corner of a paddock.
Halfway there – one trailer loaded, one to go.
Just outside of Canberra. We didn’t have time to go see that big childcare centre in the middle of Canberra while we were passing through. Yes, you know the one – the one that costs taxpayers far too much money every year.
Dog on the Tuckerbox toilet stop. No, that’s not the toilet in front there.
Home at last! We had no issues for the rest of the trip and arrived back home safe and sound.
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