Half Lamb Pack (~8kg)


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The Half Lamb Pack includes a selection of BBQ chops, loin chops, cutlets, roasts, spare ribs, diced lamb, neck chops, shank, and a bag of bones.

This pack contains a half of lamb, and will weigh about 8kg depending on cuts selected.

Note that there are price variation depending on your selection due to the extra processing costs for the boned cuts (e.g. rolled shoulder, backstraps, diced lamb, etc).

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 15 × 31 × 31 cm
Forequarter Options

10x BBQ Chops, Rolled Shoulder

Loin Options

8x Cutlets, Rack

Eye of Loin Options

6x Loin Chops, Backstrap

Hindquarter Options

2x Half Legs, Full Leg

Chump Options

Chump Chops, Diced Lamb, Lamb Rump


Spare Ribs


Neck Chops, 1 Shank & Bag of Bones


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