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June 2017

We have some exciting news for June!  Linners Lamb is expanding!! And no, I’m not just talking about our lambs growing up and getting bigger.  We have taken on new partners and have bought more land.  This will enable the business to produce more lamb for more customers.  We are very excited!

Our new partners are Justin’s brother, Chris and his family – Helena, Charlotte and Bethany.  Chris and Helena both currently work in the environmental field.  We are looking forward to sharing the highs and lows of farming life with them.

Our new property is at Dereel, which is south of Ballarat.  It is slightly bigger than Rowsley at 220 acres.  It is very picturesque with big old trees scattered around the undulating hills.  Our first priority is to make sure all fences are stock-proof so we can cart some sheep over there to fatten up.

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